FAQ for Lactopro4 Honey

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FAQ for Lactopro4 Honey

Formulated by Otemchi Biotechnologies Pte Ltd using advanced AXT® technology, Little Green Bee’s Lactopro4 honey is carefully formulated using 4 different Lactobacillus strains and contains the essence of probiotics designed specially to improve your gastro-intestinal health which in turn builds a stronger immune system.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria. They are live microbes that grow, nurture and flourish in the gut. They are good bacteria that grow and colonize in our digestive system that offer an incredible array of health benefits.

Conventional probiotic products work by simply attempting to introduce probiotic strains into the gut and may not be suitable for individuals with weak or compromised immune system as they could be susceptible to infections if these bacteria get into the individual’s bloodstream.

Unlike other probiotic products that simply try to administer probiotic strains from external sources, Lactopro4 has excellent health benefits as it seeks to promote our health from “Inside-Out”. When taken on a regular basis, Lactopro4 stimulates and promotes beneficial “native” gut flora from within you, improving your gastro-intestinal health which builds a stronger immune system! It is hence suitable for immune-compromised individuals as well as health loving individuals!

Anyone above 1 years old! Lactopro4 was created specially for individuals with compromised immune system as well as health loving individuals.

Regular consumption of Lactopro4 can keep our intestinal tract healthy as Lactopro4 encourages the growth and proliferation of healthy and beneficial microbes in our intestines. This is vital to the proper development of our immune system.

Our Lactopro4 contains gut protection essence that:

  • Targets and destroy bad bacteria
  • Protects intestinal lining and function
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Stimulates Immune System
  • Normalises gut environment to favor good bacteria

We understand the confusion consumers face when choosing probiotic supplements. Here are the tips to look out for:

The first is the types of bacteria strain present in the supplement. There are many strains of lower-grade probiotics that are very resilient and multiply very easily, meaning that the CFU count can be very impressive on the label, but they are not 100% safe and effective. For instance, there would be little point to have 1 billion bacteria colonize only one area of the digestive system or worse, introducing potentially harmful bacteria (some strains of probiotics have bad relatives) to our digestive system.

Next and equally important would be the formulation. Otemchi’s AXT® formulation for Lactopro4 produce superior probiotics that also contains advanced postbiotics that are vital to our gut health. It is also convenient to carry around and excellent for travellers as it does not require refrigeration.

The final factor would be the country of origin. Imported probiotics may not be as effective should there be less than ideal shipping conditions and traveling time that might lower efficacy on live bacterial cultures. Our Lactopro4 is formulated and manufactured in Singapore. Extensive air or sea travel can adversely affect the live cultures of other brands of probiotic products , meaning that if they are not properly stored or exposed to heat, many overseas imports arrive with a much lower live bacteria count than advertised.

In addition, as Singapore is a tropical rather than temperate climate, the bacteria formulated here also tend to be more active than their temperate cousins.

Take 1 Sachet or 1 teaspoon in the morning after meal. If a stronger dose is preferred, it should be taken twice daily, once in morning after breakfast and once in the evening after dinner.

Taking Lactopro4 1 to 2 times daily should see a general improvement after 24 hours. Individuals who consume Lactopro4 daily will help ensure a healthy gut and increased immunity, making them less susceptible to falling sick.