Postbiotic American Ginseng with Cordyceps

///Postbiotic American Ginseng with Cordyceps

Postbiotic American Ginseng with Cordyceps


  • Promotes digestive health
  • American Ginseng removes “heatiness”
  • American Ginseng removes “heatiness”
  • Cordyceps improves respiratory and kidney health
  • Relieves Fatigue


Well known for its unmistakable properties, both Ginseng and cordyceps are renowed world-wide as tonics that can restore and maintain health!

It is now known that our cells contain mitochondria that makes a vital energy molecule know as ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). ATP can be thought of as tiny batteries that our body use for energy production. Exhaustion and fatigue occur when ATP runs low.

Cordyceps and Ginseng have been known to boost energy by ramping up ATP production. Cordyceps also enhances our ability to burn fuel more efficiently and store its energy as ATP while Ginseng supports ATP production at the much higher levels possible when oxygen is available, as in a long-distance run or a prolonged, mentally challenging task.

Little Green Bee’s Ginseng Cordyceps honey drink combines these 2 traditional herbs with our signature Trigona Itama Honey for a traditional health boost! Regular consumption can help strengthen our bodies, relieve fatigue and improve mental concentration. Brought from nature to you!